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About Us

The Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art was established at the Burke Museum in 2003 to continue Bill Holm's legacy at the Burke Museum, which has made it one of the premier centers for the study of Native arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast.
Bill Holm Center projects are funded by grants and through three endowments, the Bill Holm Center Endowed Research Fund, the Bill Holm Center Endowed Graduate Fellowship, and the Bill Holm Center Endowed Professorship. As we continue to build these endowments we will use the distributed interest to fund projects that include research on, access to, and appreciation of Native Art of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Our Mission

Establish a globally accessible learning center at the Burke Museum
  • Promote scholarly research on Northwest Coast Native art
  • Increase Native and public access to research resources
  • Foster appreciation and understanding of Native art of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Grant Offerings

Museum Research Grants for visiting artists and researchers 

The Museum Research Grants for visiting artists and researchers is intended to give non-University of Washington artists and other researchers access to the historical collections at the Burke and other museums for research on art from the Pacific Northwest region (Alaska, British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon). Proposals from artists and researchers whose projects would benefit from the study of the Burke Museum’s Ethnology collection, including paper and photographic archives (and other UW resources), are particularly encouraged.

Collections-Based Workshops Grants

The Collections-Based Workshop Grants are intended to provide funds for artists, communities, or arts organizations to host workshops onsite at the Burke Museum with the option of a follow-up workshop offsite at a local community. These grants support projects that involve or benefit the community and address understanding and creation of Native arts. Workshops must relate to the Indigenous arts of the greater Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon).

Graduate Fellowship
We encourage University of Washington graduate students to apply for the Bill Holm Center Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship will fund UW graduate students doing research and writing on Native art of the Pacific Northwest region.